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Redridge recovers the book, with a locked flap, and gives it to carnegie, who releases solara. Solara roots through eli s pack, just wanted to see the book. Used 2000 toyota solara sle coupe 2d kelley blue book. At this point, he knows hes dying, but perhaps still wants the best for her. I do not recall how this affected his life when he returned. Eli refuses all of it and tries to leave town, even as carnegie finds out that eli has a bible.

The next day solara is forced by carnegie to tell him about the time she spent with eli. The book of eli solaras mila kunis wardrobe original movie. While he does so, he touches the contents of a shelf in order to glean what its contents are. I really connected with eli in this book mainly because i was about eli s age in 1976. In this scene we see the main character eli with his companion solara in what looks like an. The book of eli 2010 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The story centers on a lone hero named eli denzel washington who must fight his way across the wasteland of post apocalyptic america to protect a sacred book. The verse of shadow, is the story of solara and her mission to save her blind mother from carnegie. Redridge entreats eli to surrender the book and eli tells redridge where he hid it. He became high priest kohen godol after the death of pinehas, the son of elazar, ithamars older brother. Most importantly, eli realizes along the way that hes been focusing too much on keeping the book safe, to the point that he has failed to live by it. Carnegie presses his blind lover claudia jennifer beals to send her daughter, solara mila kunis, to at least convince eli to spend the night by sleeping with him. In his sack were many copies of elis book, and of others.

Eli bumps the bottom step with his foot before going up the porch steps of the couples house, presumably to gauge where. It means that you know something even if you dont know something. The book of eli 2010 silhouette slaughter scene 210. Casino you can either have the money and the hammer or you can walk outta here you cant have both duration. The book of eli bts eli goes to battle 2010 denzel washington, mila kunis movie hd duration. Protagonist of the novel, deemed mother natures son and the good by his aunt nell, he is a nature loving boy who has a beech as his secret place. It should be noted that eli was motivated to give up the book a few scenes before because carnegie held a gun to solara s head. Eli and solara face opposition from evil men who want to use the book for their personal gain. Carnegie needs eli because eli has maybe the last remaining copy of a book that eli believes will allow him to expand and rule many more towns. My story is a continuation of the events after the movie which i have written solely for my own recreation. As she passed the useless vehicle she remembered beveridge and the look on his face when the sun reached his unprotected eyes. He sends a young girl, solara mila kunis, to elis room in an attempt to seduce him. A road warrior of a different sort, the title character played by denzel washington in the book of eli spends much of the story traveling by foot across an eerie landscape, a long and quick. In the morning, carnegie overhears solara repeat the prayer to her.

To do more for others than you do for yourself solara. Solaras journey book of eli chapter 1, a book of eli. Eli bumps the bottom step with his foot before going up the porch steps of the couples house, presumably to gauge where the steps are credit to jeremyogles. Early on, eli pretends to give up the book, only for it to turn out to be a book safe containing a live grenade. Book of eli eli is not blind at least not in this scene. Eli in the bible was a jewish priest living in the days of the judges and serving god at the tabernacle in shiloh, a city near the hill country of ephraim 1 samuel 1. What happens to solara at the end of the book of eli. Denzel stars in the postapocalyptic movie, the book of eli image source. The mad max comparisons are the most obvious, but sergio leone is present here as well one of the characters continually whistles an ennio morricone motif, akira kurosawa is also here in the clear parallel between eli and the archetypes played by toshiro mifune. The book of eli our purpose, as a christian, is to worship and glorify god. The professional, drexl spivey in true romance, egor korshunov in air force one, mason verger in hannibal, jeanbaptiste emanuel zorg. Solara rescues eli from certain death, and once the two of them reach sanctuary, solara decides to go back to carnegies anarchistic townbearing with her, presumably, gods good news.

The book of eli might also suffer over its uncanny resemblance to john hillcoats current release the road in that it follows a man heading westwards across america after an apocalyptic event. The book of eli is a 2010 american postapocalyptic neowestern action film directed by the hughes brothers, written by gary whitta, and starring denzel washington, gary oldman, mila kunis, ray stevenson, and jennifer beals. Solara s mother clearly loves her child and refuses to help carnegie misuse the bible. Spoilers every clue in the book of eli that explains the. Solara roots through elis pack, just wanted to see the book. The 10th day of iyar is the anniversary of the death of eli the high priest. He uses flattery, intimidation, and even sex solara is sent to visit eli the. A few observations about the book of eli welcome to the mind. Used car pricing for the 2000 toyota solara sle coupe 2d. Eli is a diegetic character whose mission is to take a copy of king james bible to the west showing solidarity towards others although he is. Apr 27, 2010 video with pics of solara mila kunis in the book of eli. Eli was a descendant of ithamar, the fourth and youngest son of aaron the high priest. The book of eli, solaras mila kunis wardrobe original movie costume solaras mila kunis screen worn, dirty navy vest with dirty woollined collar and cutoff sleeves, no size small holes throughout, brown plaid arizona 2pocket longsleeve buttondown shirt with detachable hood, size s stained dark blue paige denim jeans with patch.

Symbolism aside, the book of eli is a film steeped in the love of cinema itself. Jan 15, 2010 denzel washington is the main character, eli, and hes spent thirty years slowly walking through a vast american wasteland, carrying the precious book of eli, a mysterious leatherclad tome that he dutifully reads every day and hides from anyone else who might see it. The book of eli is rated r for some brutal violence and language. These kinds of people are quite common to the inhabitants of the world of the book of eli, even to the extent of people being able to tell that they are cannibals due to a quivering in their hands caused by kuru, a disease spread only through cannibalism. The book of eli is very captivating, aweinspiring, and ultimately uplifting, with excellent production standards and absorbing character portrayals. In the book of eli, allen and albert hughes, place biblical characters in a postapocalyptic society. The book of eli solara chapter 1, a book of eli fanfic. Just before he cooks the cat, eli searches the house hes in. It tells a fairly basic neowestern story set in a postapocalyptic wasteland a few decades in the future.

Eli and solara survive as promised, and the pair end their journey in san francisco, or rather just. He chicken wings it a bit here, but at least he actually aims it, unlike most fictional characters when using a. The book of eli is a decent enough entertainment, but its story and imagery are all. Get msrp, fair purchase price, resale value, and available inventory for the 2000 toyota solara sle coupe 2d. Carnegie, whom eli shot in the leg before leaving town, exults over his triumph in stealing the book from the walker eli, but his triumph ends in tragedy. Alls he wants to do is get this very special book west like the nice voice asked him to. We see elis faith remain steadfast as he faces many trials and tribulations, including. The girl sees eli s book, and when carnegie finds out. We are to live as close to christlike as we can and we are to tell others the gospel so they can make the decision to follow god also. The legend of solara walker afalstein the book of eli. It explained his character and made me understand why he was motivated the way he was to seek the bibleeven though it cost him 85% of his men and the use of his leg due to the poor medical technology of the time.

Carnegie threatens to kill solara, to the dismay of redridge. Solara is a fictional character created by electronic arts, in conjunction with marvel comics, in their first attempt to bring marvel heroes to a video game platform, marvel nemesis. A selfassured solara returns to her sweet blind mother building an identity mediated between individualism and. Carnegie presses his blind lover claudia to send her daughter, solara, to at least convince eli to spend the night by sleeping with him.

Book of eli, the internet movie firearms database guns. Eli is a lone wanderer guy going west, following voices in his head this. Hes distraught because carnegie, the movies villain, just shot him and stole eli s bible. Solara sees eli has a book, and he offers to share his food, saying grace before they eat. He rules over his little kingdom like an absolute despot. Slightly ironic in that her name is related to the sun, which caused the ruin of the world took a level in badass. Jan 15, 2010 of course, hed rather not if he can help it. Denzel washington in a world where it pays to be a loner. Amidst the crumbling buildings of toronto, in the loosely scattered townspeople collected there, she met a man from alcatraz. The book of eli, on the other hand, throws caution to the wind and attempts to operate as a work of literature unto itself. Interview with mila kunis, who plays solara in the book of eli. From the set of the book of eli, this is solara s mila kunis black lense frame with graphite like design, two toned dark lenses, bronze colored metal with cc logo frame, chanel 5152 sunglasses made in italy.

The book of eli has an incredible biblical message, which tells the story of elis unwavering faith as he honors god with his life and follows gods will no matter how hard the journey may be. The bible that eli carries is hardbound, with a locking brass clasp. Mar 30, 2010 book of eli is a wake up call for originality in both secular and christian movies. Mila kunis on her character, solara oscars best picture winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film festival awards central festival central all events. The book of eli s storyline is strong, with only a few mishaps. We are not told why eli succeeded to the high priesthood, instead of pinehass son. Jan 23, 2010 the film doesnt have anywhere near enough plot to fill its twohour runtime and drags a lot in the middle but if you want an amusing example of hollywood excess gone wrong, then the book of eli may be for you. Jan 16, 2010 he offers eli a leadership position, unlimited clean water a rarity, and sex with a beautiful young girl solara, the daughter of carnegies woman, claudia to stick around. This story is a fantold expansion of the original 2010 movie the book of eli starring denzel washington eli and mila kunis solara. The book of eli shifts into overdrive once carnegies stepdaughter, solara mila kunis, tries to seduce eli. Scenes in which eli defends the book with his life are extremely convicting as a christian, and thoughtprovoking for nonbelievers. The verse of shadow kindle edition by hairston, charles.

The woman eli meets at the tunnel represents mary magdalene. Deliver us direct from the set of the book of eli, this is solara s mila kunis screen worn, hero, dirty, tan with chocolate brown, tan, yellow, and blue plaid flannel, button front, long sleeve, two chest pockets with flaps, hood, arizona jeans shirt, size m slightly dirty dark blue paige denim jeans with patch on the left knee, size 26 dark green plastic band with plastic bubble. Sep 08, 2009 eli the good was recommended by my friend, tenille. The girl sees elis book, and when carnegie finds out he beats her mother until she reveals what she saw. That pleasure lies unto writer gary whitta and directors albert and allen hughes. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Carnegie is the main antagonist in the 2010 postapocalyptic film the book of eli. Throughout his journey, there are many scenes that relate to the print era and there are also very many scenes that are extremely significant in the film. Even better, through several memorable scenes, eli begins to show solara the power of the bible not as a tool for conquest, but as a handbook for living.

Eli and solara are surrounded and dragged out of the house. Revealing the book to be a king james bible, carnegie intends to use it to manipulate peoples faith for power. The setting of the film is thirty years after a worldwide, nuclear war has. Its the flower of light in the field of darkness thats giving me the strength to carry on. The first 30 minutes of the book of eli set the scene. Worldview elements of film implications questions biblical parallels the priest eli solara as samuel catholic parallels modern day parallels westward movement american dream what is the place of religion in the life of the common person. The book of eli 2009 visual parables read the spirit. At one point, eli is injured, yet he continues to walk down the. Eli is best remembered for his blessing on samuels mother and for. It was, i was carrying and reading it everyday, got so caught up in protecting it, i forgot to live by what id learnt from it. Solara, failing to seduce eli and threatening to kill solara if eli does not give him his book, maintaining his same jovial tone while pointing a gun at her head. I didnt think youd ever give up the book, i thought it was too important to you.

Eli is staring her down for her reaction to his test. The book of eli dvd 2009 this is probably one of the most highly underrated movies of 2010 due to the overwhelming surge of 3d films brought on by avatar which was out around the same time of this film. His father is a vietnam veteran who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. I didnt think youd ever give up the book, i thought it was too important to you eli. Eli sits to talk with solara with the remington near his side. Eli is best remembered for his blessing on samuels mother and for his part in samuels first prophecy.

When eli denzel washington is ambushed by a group of hijackers, he shows them whos boss. My assumption is that eli recited the book and then died within a week, presumably of complications from his gunshot wound. Hinton, without a trace, dark angel, psych, criminal minds, the book of eli 2010 general audiences no archive warnings apply. When he discovers that eli has a bible, he decides use it for himself as a. Most likely, redridge is giving solara a chance to escape carnegies regime. But wouldnt you know it, theres another man with designs on the book and he isnt going to make it easy for eli. Just because the bible is written in braille doesnt mean he is blind. Eli is the main protagonist in the 2010 dystopian postapocalyptic thrillerdrama film the book of eli he is played by actor denzel washington, who also portrayed lincoln rhyme, john creasy and robert mccall biography thirty years after a nuclear apocalypse, eli travels on foot toward the west coast of the former united states.

Discovering eli has the book he seeks, carnegie tries to use solara, the daughter of his abused mistress, to seduce eli, and beats his mistress when solara fails. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. A few observations about the book of eli welcome to. Remember, he had a crush on her the whole movie blocking her while she was getting eli s canteen filled, bargaining with carnegie for her before chasing after them, even asking eli nicely to give up the book after the gunfight in. Heeley freddy silva manisha gambhir harkins ruah bull john r. This pair of sunglasses comes in original box with original tags and black chanel case. Mila kunis in the book of eli the book of eli, love film. Book of eli caps wasteland saga with a twist wired.

Eli replies pay for what, since he cant see all the visual clues that solara is giving him. This same concept can be seen for many biblical characters in the book of eli. Eli s actions when it comes to women parallels with jesus. The image of elis still form held solaras inner eye for many miles. Book of eli caps wasteland saga with a twist the book of eli starts out with 10 minutes of dialoguefree imagery depicting the type of postapocalyptic wasteland made familiar in recent. He was wellarmed and welltrained, but even so he was surprised to meet her, solara walker, as people had begun to call her. In his sack were many copies of eli s book, and of others. I am forbidden by the critics little rule book from naming the volume, but if youve made a guess after seeing numerous billboards stating religion is power. Solara quotes in the book of eli 2010 the character quotes. Originally the load, who also falls for a trap, solara is eventually able to overcome her captors using string as a garrote, takes out another vehicle with a grenade, then drives back to retrieve eli. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the book of eli solara. However, eli proves to be the better man when he gently declines her advances.

At the end, we see eli telling the librarian that he has the book, intercut with a scene of carnegie attempting to break into the one hes been given. Solara, eli s friend, pulls alongside and helps him, giving eli a ride. She walked and refused her desire to drink to save water. Eli busts out and solara follows, promising to show him carnegies sources of. Jan 15, 2010 this movie still released by warner bros.

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