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You can find out values of action issues by clicking here. I would keep this gem or pass it on to someone who would cherish a great collectible item by one of the pioneers of the comic book industry. How much is the original death of superman comic worth. The massive 11issue crossover among four different series superman, superman. Three years and several ratings records later, you.

Values of death of superman, the free comic book price guide. The death of superman was a 1992 stunt that turned out to be dcs bestselling superman comic ever. Superman the death of superman tpb 1993 dc 1st edition comic books. What is the value of superman issue 500 back from the dead. The inaugural issue of action comics marked the first appearance of superman and helped. Find out what your superman or action comics are worth at sell my comic books. The death of superman is a crossover story event featured in dc comics supermanrelated. The summit was a unique method of making the writers work together, focusing their attention to the next years worth of stories.

The largest online source for comic book pricing in the world. If youve been collecting comic books since you were a kid, now is the time to. This page lists prices for the first 100 issues of superman s appearances in his solo series, which began in 1939. It was published in superman, action comics, the adventures of superman, superman. Most comic fans know that superman actually began life in action comics. The couple would remain together until clarences death in 2004. Find the value of the dc comic death of superman volume 1. Find great deals on ebay for death of superman comic and death of superman comic cgc. Values of death of superman, the comics price guide. Superman fights his strongest opponent to the death in the streets of metropolis. What is the value of superman issue 500 back from the dead worth. How much is the back from the dead 1993 superman comic book worth great cond. Comic book lot death of superman funeral for a friend 3 and 4 others vfnm.

The death of superman is a crossover story event featured in dc comics superman related publications. Thats where the real value is in comics entertainment first, last and always. The number 1 free online comic book community featuring a comic book price guide database, friends, lists, blogs, and more. Death and return of superman part 1, justice leaguesociety, superman published feb 1993 by dc. Death of superman comic book value price guide comics. Get the best deals on death of superman when you shop the largest online selection at. Ungraded books are worth less esp if youre trying to sell it online because the buyer needs to assume youre overestimating its value. What is the value of superman issue 75 the death of. Publishers like dc would designate certain comic book issues as significant, causing mint. Superman the death of superman tpb 1993 dc 1st edition comic. Swooping in almost at the last second to win the holy grail issue, the top bidder will now own the most expensive comic book. Death of superman comic book value price guide comics watcher. The photo below is for reference, its not the same one that sold.

Superman the death of superman tpb 1993 dc 1st edition. The most valuable version is the platinum edition, that was given to dealers who sent back a survey to dc comics in 19921993. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other comic vine. A rare, nearly flawless copy of supermans comicbook debut has sold for a superpowered price. In the new 52, dcs relaunch of its entire comic book line, superman is still from krypton, was still raised on a farm in the american midwest, is still named. The man of steel, action comics, and justice league of america introduces an unstoppable alien named doomsday who creates a path of destruction on his way to the heart of metropolis and whom superman must stop at any. The crossover, which originated from editor mike carlin and writers dan jurgens, roger stern, louise simonson, jerry ordway, and karl kesel, began in december 1992 and lasted until october 1993. If you are in the market to buy or sell a death of superman trade paperback comic book, make sure you know which version you have. What is your death of superman, the comic book worth.

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